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Cube of Atlantis

Name: Cube of Atlantis
Entwickler: Danger Monkeys
Preis: 1,49 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 4,9M
Version: 1.0.2
minimale Android Version: 1.6 oder höher
Kategorie: Rätsel & Denksport
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


Test the limits of your ingenuity and patience as you try to solve the mystery!

Legend holds that the great treasure of Atlantis was hidden just before the city was destroyed. A single key was created to reveal the treasure's location only if the bearer proved worthy. This cube is believed to be that key.

Do you have what it takes to unlock it?

Welcome to the Cube of Atlantis, a puzzle game like no other!

Test the limits of your ingenuity, patience, and determination as you try to unlock the mystery of this ancient artifact. The Cube will take you on a journey through multiple puzzles as you try to decipher its secret.

» Fully interactive 3D cube - touch it, spin it, lick it. Whatever it takes to solve it
» Original sound effects
» 50 Levels progressing from easy to way-too-hard, taking full advantage of your phone's capabilities
» Multiple user support: let your friends play with their own username so they don't mess up your progress
» Helpful Hints: enable this to see hints when you get stuck. Disable hints if you are a puzzle purist
» Stars: Perform each level flawlessly with as few moves as possible to earn up to 3 stars. Collect more stars to unlock additional levels
» Trophies: Special hidden puzzles in some levels. Solve them in a special/different/unique way to earn a trophy
» Visual Sound Effects: Turn on special flashes of colored light to represent key sounds in the game. Makes play possible when phone is on mute or you can't hear in noisy environments.

Now, a warning: the first few levels may be easy. But it won't be long before the Cube starts trying your patience, resolve, and sanity. There are no rules, only a lost treasure that needs to be illuminated by your brainpower!

When you encounter a seemingly impossible level and experience frustration, remember you're accessing the Cube through an expensive phone. No puzzle will require you to throw it against a wall! THE CREATORS OF CUBE OF ATLANTIS CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR PHONE/DEVICE OUT OF FRUSTRATION. :)

You have been warned. Now, solve the Cube of Atlantis!

Description of Permissions:
» Internet Access is used for ads (in Free Version; no ads in this Full Version), and reporting completely anonymous usage statistics, such as the time it takes to complete each level and how many times each level is attempted. With this data, we will improve the game to make sure it's not too hard and not too easy.
» Record Audio is used to access the microphone to respond to sound on higher levels. As advertised, the Cube is fully interactive!

[Please help us improve the game! If you have any issues, bug reports, feature requests, or level ideas, just email us. Thanks!]

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