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Name: GameKeyboard
Entwickler: Locnet
Preis: 1,99 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 169k
Version: 2.0.0
minimale Android Version: 2.1 oder höher
Kategorie: Tools
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Soft keyboard tailor-made for playing games. Work with touchscreen or physical dpad/gamepad/keyboard. Control games which require physical keyboard or special controller on any device (e.g. Flash, Xperia Play or Onlive games), or control touch-only games with physical keyboard/gamepad.

[Credit to TLRtheory for the demonstration video]

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1. virtual gamepad with:
- multi-touch (depends on device and OS)
- 4/8-way d-pad, up to 12 game buttons
- resizable and customizable buttons layout
- fully configurable buttons mappings
2. re-mapping physical keys
3. save key/button mappings to profiles
4. full qwerty keyboard
5. work with Accelerometer
6. work with physical controller through OS or 3rd party tools like BluezIME and Sixaxis
7. support user-defined macro to perform autofire, combo keys and action sequence with single button hit
8. emulate Xperia Play and Onlive gamepad buttons
9. emulate Touchscreen action

This app is provided as an add-on for our emulators but will compatible with other apps which support keyboard input.

Note 1: HardKey Mappings work without showing soft keyboard.
Note 2: Virtual gamepad work with apps that support soft keyboard. Several ways to call up soft keyboard:
- long pressing [menu] key
- switch to GameKeyboard Launcher, tap on the "call out keyboard after exit" button, then switch back
- turn on "Settings->[Vol. Up] Key Action then use vol. up as hotkey

keyword: DOS AnDOSBox DOSBox Amiga AnUAE4All UAE4All C64 AnVICEx64 VICE

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