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SmartphOWNED AutoCorrect Fails

Name: SmartphOWNED AutoCorrect Fails
Entwickler: Kaushal Subedi
Preis: 0,74 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 299k
Version: 3.2.6
minimale Android Version: 2.1 oder höher
Kategorie: Unterhaltung
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This app lets you randomly find a lot of AutoCorrect, Parental fails and more...

NOTE: Please report the error if you get into any or if the application does not work. Simply commenting things like "It didn't work" will not help anyone. If you contact me via email, i will be ready to help you personally. This app has been tested in multiple devices and has worked perfectly.

SmartphOWNED AutoCorrect Fails is an app that lets you randomly find a lot of funny smartphone (specially iPhone) autocorrect fails, parental fails, and other fun text conversations from the largest autocorrect screenshot website . You can click the image to get another random image from the server. Some of them might be real and some of them might be fake, but no matter what, most (more than 98%) of them are funny. I hope you guys will like this application and rate/comment. SmartphOWNED is a site similar to Damn You Auto Correct ( DYAC ), Damn LOL etc. Might be misspelled as SmartPhoned. You will also be able to save the images to your SD Card.

NOTE: We are in no ways affiliated or related with the website ( Smart Phowned or Smart Phoned ). And we do not take any responsibility about any images displayed in the application. There might be some language that might be inappropriate for kids under 12, parents please keep that in mind. This is an unofficial application and not made by

How to use:
Well using this application is really easy, even easier than you thought. Just fire up the application, and click on the image to change to another random one. Easy right?

Tested on: Nexus One, Nexus S, G2 / Desire Z, HTC Sensation, Logitech Revue (Google TV 2.0), Samsung Vibrant

Please contact me for any issues with the application before adding a negative comment. Enjoy! :)


INTERNET - Obviously to get images from the internet.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To save the images to your SDCard.


v 3.0.0
Finally found and fixed the bug that prevented the app from working on Ice Cream Sandwich!
Made it 100% Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.0 (ICS) Compatible
Added better image size handling capabilities.
Optimized memory usage on low end devices.
v 2.9.5
Fixed force closes on some low end devices with low memory
v 2.9.3
Fixed a bug reported by few users which forced the app to close.
Changed splash image.
Changed error images.
Fixed stretched images in some phones/tablets.
Fixed some bugs.
Re-programmed a part of code to use memory efficiently.
v 2.0.1
Fixed a major Screen Resolution bug (Thanks to Krister for reporting the bug :D )
v 1.9.1 (Minor Bug Fix Release)
Aright, found the cause of the force close for sure, and fixed it. No more random force closes anymore, just random auto-correct fails :D
v 1.9 (Quick Bug Fix Release)
Found the possible cause of the random force close errors and fixed it. Thanks a lot to everyone who reported! :)
v 1.8
Fixed minor bugs
Improved image loading speed
Added save to SD card option. Just press menu and choose save :)
v 1.5
Fixed Force Close when connection fails (Thanks to the person who reported =))
Fixed few internal bugs.
Added a Share feature. Now you can share the images by text, email, or anything else.
COMING SOON: Download Image Feature
v 1.2
First Market Release
Made Background Transparent
Removed the "Random" Button.

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