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Syncness Wifi Sync Music/Files

Name: Syncness Wifi Sync Music/Files
Entwickler: Clay World
Preis: 1,41 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 1,1M
Version: 1.1
minimale Android Version: 2.0.1 bis 3.0
Kategorie: Medien & Videos
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


Sync your music, videos, photos, pdfs, and files over Wireless. Cut the cable!

Your smart phone just got smarter with Syncness and auto sync! When you arrive home or at work your phone can automatically synchronize your files (music, photos / photo, PDFs, movies and more) with your computer (PC) over WIFI / Wireless to a Windows file share (SMB, NAS, Samba). Tell Syncness what wireless network to synchronize with and when your phone detects that WIFI network is present it can automatically start the sync process. Or set the schedule to execute once a day (daily), all day long, or only between particular hours of the day.

NEW! SD Card browse error has been resolved!

Now supporting Dropbox integration! Synchronize your photos, music, PDFs, and more with multiple Dropbox accounts. Don't be forced to store your files in a special Dropbox folder on your phone. Choose any folder on your SD card to synchronize with our Dropbox account.

Sync your files (music, photos / photo, PDFs, movies and more) without a tangle of cords – all you need is a WIFI connection and Syncness. Syncness will transfer your files in both directions or one way, you choose. This type of flexibility allows for robust and fast syncing from a mobile device to your computer.

Do you keep word documents, excel spreadsheets, power point presentations or any work related documents on your phone. Wouldn't it be great if the spread sheet you updated on your computer automatically was pushed to your phone? Schedule Syncness to run a profile 15 minutes before you normally leave the office and to another profile to start when you get home (by detecting your wireless network) and you will never have to run back to the office for the changes you made.

Ever wanted to push pictures or videos you take on your phone to your computer without having to bother with cables? Even choose to delete the pictures once you have pushed them to your PC allowing provide more space next time you have a Kodak moment.

Syncness can handle multiple synchronization profiles! This allows you to keep your files (music, photos / photo, PDFs, movies, and more) in sync with multiple computers. Want to keep two phones in sync? Simply create a sync profile on your tablet and phone that point to the SMB share and let Syncness take over. Simplify your life!

Want to keep a back up of data on your full SD nightly? Configure Syncness to transfer files between midnight and 1 AM and forget about it! You backups will transfer while you sleep.

Features include:

- Sync with multiple shares on your home or work network
- Sync with mutilple Dropbox accounts
- Two way file deletions
- Wireless Share Scanner to assist with finding your computer
- In app help tips for setting up a share on your pc
- Support guest authentication or be more secure by providing a username and password
- In app demonstration videos to make configuration a snap
- Share, SD Card and Dropbox directory browser
- Need help? Contact support with ease directly in the application

Clay World Software stands behind Syncness by providing World Class customer support. If you have problems with the application from configuration, usage, or would simply like to request a feature we will listen and respond! While Syncness is designed to be easily setup and used, from time to time there are problems that will arise. We make it easy to email a log file to support and will respond in a timely manner to help you make Syncness work for your needs.

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