Premium US Radardroid Database - Free Download

Premium US Radardroid Database

Name: Premium US Radardroid Database
Entwickler: GPS POI US, LLC
Preis: 11,56 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 400k
Version: 2012.04.01
minimale Android Version: 1.5 oder höher
Kategorie: Reisen & Lokales
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


Now there is a red light and speed camera alert app that runs as a background service and is not a bulky app! This works in the background while you run other apps of your choosing! Our app doesn't get in your way.

Our database was commercially developed in 2006 and maintained MONTHLY since then. It has been proven by tens of thousands of Garmin and TomTom GPS customers. But they spend $25 per YEAR on this database for their GPS devices. For your Android phone our price is only $14.99 ONE TIME! This is not an annual cost! One red light camera ticket is 8 to 20 times this one time cost.

**THIS IS AN ADD-IN** for the separate Radardroid Pro or Lite apps. This is NOT an app by itself. Read below!

The app is better than our GPS product because now the camera intersection names can be read to you using Text-To-Speech! In addition the camera intersection name can be shown using text on the screen while using Google Navigation!

Radardroid has partnered with GPS POI US to offer you the industry-leading Traffic Camera dataset for US & Canada for use in Radardroid free and Pro versions! Now you can have the benefits of the proven GPS POI US Traffic Camera dataset while using the navigation software of your choice including Google Navigation, Mapquest, ALK CoPilot Liv, Route 66, NDrive, Waze or Navigon. Unlike other solutions like Trapster and PhantomAlert, we do not want our app to stay on your screen or take up your memory. We do the work in the background letting you run the navigation app of your choice.

THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE APPLICATION. This is a database add-on that requires the separate download of Radardroid or Radardroid Pro to work. Do not download this database add-on without downloading the Radardroid free or Radardroid Pro application from the Android Market. Download this add-on AFTER installing Radardroid, then run Radardroid. Radardroid will detect this premium data add-on and install it automatically.

THIS IS A ONE-TIME PURCHASE! It is not a subscription. There are no recurring costs. Approximately once per month, this extension will be updated in the Android Market to the latest version of the data. Historically, approximately 100 locations are changed in each update. You get all future updates included in your one-time purchase!

GPS POI US, since 2006, has developed the Traffic Camera dataset for the US & Canada markets. Built entirely in-house through proven research methods, you can expect a higher level of accuracy and quality from the GPS POI US dataset. GPS POI US data can be found in hardware and software solutions by Whistler and NNG, and has been sold directly to customers of Garmin, TomTom and Navigon GPS devices since 2006. GPS POI US welcomes feedback on the dataset and will fully research any user feedback on the dataset prior to the next update.

The dataset includes locations of all known speed cameras, red light cameras, illegal right-turn cameras, mobile speed detection cameras, and school zone cameras. It does not contain highly subjective locations such as "dangerous intersections" or "speed traps" like other datasets that bombard you with continuous alerts because they are in a marketing race to claim the highest number of locations.

In our dataset, all cameras are treated as "Traffic Cameras." We do not confuse or distract you with multiple kinds of alerts that require your attention to the screen while driving. You will receive a single alert type for all Traffic Cameras with the simple message to you to "Obey all traffic laws at this location." When you hear our alert, there is no need to focus your attention on your phone's screen. Focus your attention on the road and strictly obey all traffic laws.

Unique to our dataset is that complex or large intersections may contain 2 location definitions. This is done in order to maximize the early alert warning without having to set an extra long alert distance, which could then alert you too early on slow speed roads.

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